Sarah Healy, P.E.


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Meet Sarah Healy, P.E., one of our amazing Mechanical Engineers at McClure Engineering! Sarah joined our team back in 2016 right after graduating from MIZZOU, and she’s been rocking it ever since. She discovered us at a job fair, just like many of our talented employees.

Starting as an intern, Sarah immediately felt the energy and excitement here. We didn’t assign her those typical “intern projects”; instead, she jumped right into the real deal, tackling important work that any other engineer would handle.

Fast forward 7 years, and Sarah is still having a blast. The work remains thrilling and fulfilling, as evidenced by her recent presentation to ASHRAE St. Louis on the Simon Field House project. That project scored a well-deserved Technology Award, and Sarah was right at the heart of it all.

But it’s not just the work that keeps Sarah hooked—it’s our fantastic company culture. We strike the perfect work/life balance, which is something Sarah values dearly. Our leadership team emphasizes this balance, and we all reap the benefits. Plus, with around 100 employees, our company culture feels refreshingly laid-back. It’s all about working together, supporting one another, and leaving the competition at the door.

Now, let’s talk about Sarah’s off-duty superpowers. When she’s not busy being a rockstar engineer, she knows how to kick back and let loose—literally! Sarah’s main hobby is Historical European Martial Arts, or HEMA. Picture her on two or three nights a week, mastering the art of sword fighting based on 1500s Italian treatises. That’s right, she’s a sword-wielding force to be reckoned with! And on free play nights, she gears up and puts her skills to the test by sparring with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t even think about challenging her—she’s fully qualified to fight with an impressive array of weapons, including one-handed sword, two-handed sword, spear, partisan, pike, poleaxe, dagger, and even a sword accompanied by a cape, small shield, or another sword. Sarah means business!

So, next time you see Sarah in the office, give her a high-five and make sure to steer clear of any duels. She’s not just an outstanding engineer—she’s a historical sword-fighting aficionado!

Since starting working for McClure, I have obtained my Professional Engineering License, and been given opportunities to explore different areas of our business such as design work, commissioning, retrocommissioning, and energy modeling to find what fits best for me.

Jared Carrier

Sarah Healy, P.E.

On how she has grown professionally since joining McClure Engineering