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Jared Carrier

Mechanical + Acoustical

Jared Carrier on stage

Jared Carrier is a Mechanical & Acoustical Engineer who came to McClure Engineering 2 years ago. After developing an interest in Acoustical Engineering in his sophomore year at MIZZOU, Jared applied for an internship at McClure Engineering. While he was ultimately not chosen that year that didn’t stop him. It gave him just the kick he needed to develop his acoustical expertise further and after a school research position and a summer internship at another firm, he came to work full time for McClure Engineering.

To compliment his acoustical engineering expertise, Jared is also (one) of McClure Engineering’s famed musicians. He started playing guitar at age 10 and throughout his teenage years he and his bandmate (aka Dad) could be found playing any number of gigs across Illinois until he headed off to college. Once back in St. Louis, Jared started his own band called the Absoults and you can find them rocking out at Tin Roof most weekend nights

My favorite part of McClure Engineering is our community. With a group of people that includes track car racers, gearheads, artists, photographers, weightlifters and musicians, it is never hard to find someone to connect with.

Jared Carrier

Jared Carrier

On why he loves working for McClure Engineering