Jamie Underwood

Project Coordinator

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Jamie Underwood is a Project Coordinator with McClure Engineering. Jamie has over 9 years of professional experience in supporting roles in the workplace including experience as a project manager.

Jamie heard all about McClure Engineering from her brother, Acoustical Engineer, and Photographer extraordinaire, Josh Rasch! As Jamie puts it “I’ve always been inspired by my brother’s pride and dedication to McClure Engineering, which eventually led me to find my own place within the firm.” And now Jamie can experience our company culture first hand. It has been evident to her that we not only value our employees and their families but also strive to provide a positive atmosphere at work.

Even though she only started at McClure Engineering in February 2022, Jamie has made quite the impression. When she isn’t trading witty barbs with her brother or attending to her regular duties as one of our Project Coordinators, she is busy spearheading our CRM (Client Relationship Management) effort, organizing companywide workshops, and working with the VAC on various employee engagements efforts like our volunteer work for CareSTL and our annual fundraising effort for the Adopt-A-Family program. Recently, Jamie took charge of our involvement at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital’s first annual 5K for Play.

Jamie shares her brother’s interest in creative endeavors and she enjoys graphic design in her spare time which has been VERY good news to our marketing coordinator. She also loves planning and hosting events which the VAC has taken advantage of. And her love of running will no doubt put her in good stead during our annual steps contest.

I love that McClure Engineering sets ambitious goals while still prioritizing the best interests of the team working to achieve them. McClure Engineering also has a great reputation with its clients and business partners, which makes it a company that I am extremely proud to work for.

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Jamie Underwood

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