Pat Travers, P.E.


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Meet Mechanical Engineer Pat Travers, P.E., who celebrated 14 years with McClure Engineering in April.

Pat’s journey with McClure Engineering began with an interview that remains memorable to this day. After taking a PE refresher course with McClure Engineering veteran Al Black, Pat was captivated by the company’s culture and decided to make McClure Engineering his long-term home.

At McClure Engineering, Pat thrives on the challenging and ever-changing nature of the projects he works on. Clients consistently trust him to handle additional jobs, allowing Pat to foster long-term relationships and make substantial investments in those partnerships.

Beyond his technical expertise, Pat actively participates in our “extracurricular” activities. He is a regular contributor to events like our annual Chili Cook-off, showcasing his culinary skills as both a chef and judge. Pat’s numerous wins over the years are a testament to their talent in the kitchen. McClure Engineering’s vibrant and inclusive culture is a significant factor in Pat’s commitment to the company. The blend of fun, camaraderie, and a shared dedication to their work and clients makes it an ideal company to work for.

An outdoor enthusiast, Pat eagerly anticipates our annual Float Trip, where he can join fellow employees and their families for an unforgettable adventure down the Meramec River. Pat is known to be one of the first to arrive the night before, taking charge of camp setup and ensuring everything is prepared for an epic experience.

Within the office, Pat enthusiastically participates in activities like Popcorn Wednesday and softball, appreciating any opportunity to step away from his cubicle and absorb knowledge or share his own experiences. McClure Engineering’s open-door policy encourages interaction, fosters learning, and allows Pat to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by more senior engineers. The company actively supports a culture that encourages everyone to explore new ideas, as long as they are carefully considered.

Outside of work, Pat is a force of nature. Inspired by his coworkers, he took up biking in 2011 and has pedaled over 1,500 miles for Bike MS. Pat’s legs are like turbo engines, propelling McClure Engineering to raise nearly $50,000 for a cause we truly care about. When he is not on a bike, you’ll find him doing everything from trail running and golfing to bird hunting and wiggling his ears (yes, you read that right!).

I like to reflect on the fact that despite arriving here with over 7 years of experience, I approached it with a mindset of knowing nothing. The past 14+ years have been a remarkable journey of continuous learning and growth in both design and knowledge. It’s rare for me to reminisce about my life before McClure Engineering and compare it to where I stand today, considering all that I have accomplished and gained.

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Pat Travers, P.E.

On how he has grown professionally since joining McClure Engineering