Genevieve Bourgeois


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Genevieve Bourgeois is a Mechanical Engineer who started with McClure Engineering in 2022. A recent graduate of Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville where she studied Mechanical Engineering, Genevieve started as an intern before becoming full-time. What made her choose to join McClure Engineering full-time? “I chose McClure Engineering because of the value they place in developing their new engineers. They don’t just spend the first year or two training their new hires – instead, they’ve created a company culture based on learning and shared experiences. Each week, many of the engineers, even those who have been in the industry for 5+ years, meet to share the new knowledge they had learned that week. It expands a learning experience to include others who would benefit from the knowledge, and it elevates our professional growth.”

A big selling point to Genevieve was our our focus on energy efficiency. “I’m most looking forward in my career to applying my knowledge to energy efficiency in buildings. The more I learn in my industry, the more resourceful I will be as an engineer to optimize efficiencies in buildings and lessen the overall energy usage in St. Louis.”

Genevieve’s addition to the McClure Engineering team furthers our goal of dominating the brother/sister engineer market. (Big brother Louis also started as an intern in 2015). Soon we will have enough teams to put together a proper 2-legged race!

McClure Engineering doesn’t miss a beat in putting their employees first. Our annual float trip – a paid Friday where the entire company takes the day off to float on the river and BBQ together – plus the annual “Wellness Fund” provided to each employee shows me the care that is given to creating a strong work-life balance for us.

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Genevieve Bourgeois

On why she chose McClure Engineering