Led by a group of seasoned professionals with both breadth and depth of industry knowledge, McClure Engineering’s principals continue to make project ownership their chief priority, ensuring our clients are consistently satisfied and remain secure in the knowledge that their projects will be a success.

  • Keith Esarey

    Keith Esarey, PE, LEED AP

    President + Principal + Mechanical

  • Keith Cooper Chairman of the Board + Principal McClure Engineering

    Keith Cooper, PE

    Principal + Electrical

  • Matt Costantinou

    Matt Costantinou

    Principal + Electrical

  • Eric Schactman

    Eric Schactman, P.E., CFO

    Principal + CFO

  • Kyle Knudten, P.E.

    Kyle Knudten, P.E.

    Principal + Mechanical + Commissioning

  • Erik Eaves, P.E.

    Erik Eaves, P.E.

    Principal + Business Development Lead + Mechanical

  • Chuck Dale-Derks

    Chuck Dale-Derks, P.E., LEED AP

    Principal + Mechanical

  • Nick Allen, P.E.

    Nick Allen, P.E.

    Principal + Mechanical

  • Randy Hassler, P.E.

    Randy Hassler, PE, LEED AP

    Principal + Mechanical

  • Phil Wentz, P.E.

    Philip Wentz, PE

    Vice President + Principal + Electrical + Acoustical

  • Dietker

    Steve Dietiker

    Principal + Business Unit Lead + Lighting

  • Eric Reuther

    Eric Reuther, PE, HFDP, LEED AP DB+C

    Principal + Mechanical