Mark Wehmeyer, P.E.


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Mark Wehmeyer, P.E. is a Mechanical Engineer at McClure Engineering who joined us as a full-time employee over a decade ago after completing an internship, a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication. So why has Mark chosen to spend his career thus far with McClure Engineering? Well, first and foremost it is the core company value of Ownership.

“Ownership resonates most with me.  The ability to “figure it out” and “get it done” – that’s what makes us stand out.  McClure represents the embodiment of true engineering to me, a focus on fundamentals to solve unique problems.  It all starts with true ownership.  Whether it’s a simple task, an entire project, or a client relationship, ownership drives the success and is ultimately the deliverable.”

Another aspect that particularly appeals to Mark is our award-winning company culture, which is characterized by the presence of open and knowledgeable employees comprising McClure Engineering—something Mark truly values.

“The thing that struck me when I started here over 10 years ago was how easy everyone is to talk to and so knowledgeable about literally anything.  You could have car problems, an issue on a home reno project, a computer you’re building from scratch, you name it somebody has expertise you can bounce ideas off of.  The culture is innovative, employee-focused, and just a fun environment to be in.”

And Mark credits that willingness to share knowledge and expertise for how he has grown since joining as an intern all those years ago.

“I started as an intern, so have grown quite a bit since then!  I’ve learned most everything I know from the smarter folks around me, and now enjoy playing a role in training our outstanding developing mechanical engineers (best engineers in the industry!).  At this point unfortunately I don’t do as many loads and pressure drop calcs as I used to, but I get to enjoy the gamut of engineering activities from early conceptual studies to managing projects to client interactions.” 

Mark’s appreciation for our culture doesn’t stop there. He believes our innovative and employee-focused culture creates an enjoyable work environment for everyone. And the flexibility McClure Engineering offers goes hand in hand with our emphasis on Work/Life balance. When he isn’t in the office, you can find Mark doing any number of activities to unwind.

“Outside of the office, I enjoy family time with my wife and sometimes chaotic 3 kids, could talk your ear off about farming with my brother and dad, and playing music.  I’m involved at my church and in the remaining free time love going camping!”

The flexibility is really great.  People have lives, things happen. It’s nice to be somewhere that is so flexible and supportive when life happens.

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Mark Wehmeyer, P.E.

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