St. Louis Art Museum earns over $100,000 in BizSavers Incentives

The St. Louis Art Museum put an emphasis on energy efficiency while upgrading two AHUs in the Cass Gilbert Building.

McClure Engineering utilizes multiple Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs which offer cash incentives to projects that utilize cost-effective energy savings. These programs encourage our clients to install energy-efficient systems and McClure Engineering is right beside our client to help guide the way by coordinating the entire process. To learn more about our Energy Incentives, visit our Sustainability page.

Recently, we helped the St. Louis Art Museum achieve over $100,000 in cash incentives from Ameren Missouri’s Biz Savers Program for the replacement of two 1975 Air Handling Units (AHUs) that serve the East Wing of the Cass Gilbert Building. This amount was especially nice considering the original estimate for savings was between $45,000 and $75,000.