The Gift of Blood Donation

14 Units, 46 Lives Saved: McClure Engineering’s Impactful 2nd Blood Drive of 2024.

The gift of blood donation is currently of paramount importance. McClure Engineering knows this all too well; we have been running blood drives like champs, pulling off four a year! Till now, we gathered over 1,200 units of blood, which is huge because just one pint can save three lives – that’s 3,600 people who might have had another shot thanks to these efforts. At our latest event, we scored 14 units, possibly saving 42 lives.

Why We’re Low on Blood

The Red Cross says they haven’t seen a blood shortage this bad in over ten years. This crunch is making hospitals push back big-time surgeries and sometimes even organ transplants. And yep, COVID-19 didn’t help, with lots of blood drives being axed during the height of the pandemic. It’s a rough spot for everyone, especially those who need blood right now.

Blood Donations = Lifesaver

Donating blood? Huge deal. It helps so many different patients – from cancer and trauma survivors to those with sickle cell, burns, or chronic illnesses. Here’s a wild fact: someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds. And since there’s no making blood in a lab, these people are counting on donations to pull through.

We Need More Donors, Stat!

Only 2% of eligible Americans donate blood, even though 38% can. Yikes. That’s why we’re saying we’ve have to rally more people to become donors. It’s easy to do and means so much. Seriously, you could be someone’s hero.

Ready to Donate?

So, want to be part of the solution to the blood crisis? Cool, start by hitting up the Red Cross website to find where you can donate near you. Book a slot, make a difference, and maybe even save some lives while you’re at it.