STEM Day at Ranken Jordan

Embracing Compassion: A Day of Giving Back at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.

At the heart of our mission lies the Volunteer Activity Committee (VAC), passionately devoted to crafting impactful opportunities for our employees to enrich our community. Recently, a team of our dedicated staff embarked on a memorable journey at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital for E-Week STEM Day. Although we volunteered at Ranken Jordan on multiple occasions, this visit marked our inaugural engagement with the resilient patients.

The day was filled with joyous interactions and engaging activities, showcasing our commitment to spreading smiles and positivity. From captivating demonstrations like the Volcanic Rainbow Eruption and Magic Milk to hands-on projects such as Dixie Cup Rockets and Straw Airplanes, our team infused the atmosphere with learning and laughter.

We take immense pride in our partnership with Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, standing steadfast by their side as they pursue their impactful mission. Witnessing our employees’ unwavering dedication to giving back reaffirms our collective commitment to fostering a culture of kindness and empathy.

As we navigate our journey forward, we eagerly anticipate sharing more stories of community involvement and the ripple effects of our benevolent actions. Together, hand in hand, we endeavor to illuminate the path to a brighter and more compassionate world, one heartfelt gesture at a time. Join us as we continue to sow the seeds of goodwill and make a lasting difference in the lives we touch.