Volunteering at Ranken Jordan

A group of employees took a Friday afternoon to volunteer at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.

A few Fridays ago, a few of our team members spent an afternoon volunteering at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.

Ranken’s mission is to care for children who suffer from complex conditions, illnesses, and injuries and “bridge” the gap between hospital and home. There are several initiatives Ranken has developed to make their kids feel more at home and with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, they were keen to help their patients have as much fun as possible. Some of our team members assembled care packages and everyone else got to head back to kindergarten and get creative with the glitter and markers creating keepsake artwork with the children’s footprints to give to their parents.

Ranken knows that having a child in the hospital can put a strain on the whole family, especially siblings, so they have their own special Sibling Day in April to celebrate all the brothers and sisters of their patients. And our team got to put together fun crafts for this day as well.

After the crafting was complete, Ranken gave our group a special tour around their incredible facility. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon and we are looking forward to the next volunteering opportunity at Ranken!

To learn more about their mission, visit https://rankenjordan.org/