Volunteering at CareSTL

Our team members and their families spent the day taking care of CareSTL’s rescue animals.

We love our Bring Your Dog to Work Days here at McClure Engineering. It is a real treat to walk around the office on a Friday and get to know all the furry friends who have found a forever home with their adoring parents.

But we often think about all the furballs out there who aren’t so lucky. So a few of our team members and their families decided to spend a Saturday at CareSTL, helping out with dog walks and playtime with the kittens.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – George Elliot

In 2021 alone, CareSTL took in over 2,400 homeless animals. While they provide the animals with compassionate sheltering until they are adopted (including a safe environment, food, water, and veterinary care), they still need help providing the enrichment all of these animals deserve and volunteers provide a huge amount of help in that arena.

Our volunteers had a wonderful time engaging with these animals and we hope to make our visits a regular activity!

Interested in providing an animal with a forever home? CareSTL is a great place to start. Visit their website today and get to know the animals that are available for adoption!