Principal Phil Wentz Becomes EBMI’s Chairman of the Board

Phil becomes the 114th person to lead the organization.

The Mission of The Electrical Board of Missouri & Illinois (EBMI) is to provide services which develop, improve and preserve business opportunities for their members in the electrical industry. The membership driven society provides industry information, educational training, and opportunities for peer interaction throughout the year.

McClure Engineering Principal Phil Wentz was recently installed as Chairman of the Board for EBMI. Phil joined EBMI in 1999 (a year into his tenure at McClure Engineering) and has performed duties as 1st Vice Chairman (2021-2022),  2nd Vice Chairman (2020-2021), Chair of Consulting Engineers Forum (2014-2020), and Chair of the Education Committee (2018-present). EMBI has provided educational classes for over 40 years and starting in 2018, Phil has also taught the Grounding Class for their members. Due to his dedication to the organization, Phil was awarded the prestigious Michael A. Postiglione Award in 2019. This award has been awarded since 2004 to members who go “above and beyond” to ensure that EBMI remains a successful organization.