Paid Time Off

Employees receive an annual bank of paid vacation and sick time each year. Additionally, the Firm recognizes 7 holidays in which employees receive paid days off plus one floating holiday of their choosing.  As an added perk, and a great way to recognize those employees with 20+ years of service with the McClure, we offer a Golden Getaway- up to 5 extra days of vacation plus $1,500 to put towards a getaway of your choice!

Paid Parental Leave

McClure recognizes the importance of family and the opportunity to support new parents as they welcome new members to their family.  To assist employees during the first year of birth or adoption, all full-time employees will receive 4 weeks of paid leave to bond with their new child. All full-time employees receive 4 weeks of paid parental leave during the first year of birth or  adoption.


Company Paid Parking

The Firm will pay for the cost of a monthly parking pass for employees.  If an employee would rather use mass transit in their commute to the office, the Firm will reimburse the employee up to $80 a month.

Adoption Assistance

Employees adopting a child may be reimbursed up to $1,000 in fees and other expenses associated with the cost of the adoption.


Extra Perks & Other Fun Things Worth Mentioning

Casual dress, championship Softball team, annual Float Trip (with a paid day-off for participants), Bring Your Dog to Work Days, Chili Cook Off, Annual 1# Burger Challenge, Holiday Party, Bike MS and other charitable events & activities, Popcorn Thursdays, free sodas, juice, coffee and tea and so much more…