Celebrating the Holidays

Learn how we celebrated with not one, but two holiday parties.

McClure Engineering loves wrapping up the year in a crisp, finely engineered bow. To achieve a perfect closeout to the year, we host not one, but two holiday parties!

The first of our celebrations always include our family and friends. This year’s party was held at the Barnett on Washington and was one for the books! Along with the usual festivities, we were also able to hand out 1,2,3,4, 5, and count ’em 6 Golden Getaways! What are Golden Getaways? Well, you might say they are tickets to paradise. When you reach 20 years of service (and every 5-year anniversary afterward) you get up to 5 extra days of vacation plus $1,500 to put towards a getaway of your choice! Not a bad way to start the New Year. Congrats to:

  • Eric (25 years)
  • Randy (20 years)
  • Steve (35 years)
  • Keith C (30 years)
  • Keith E (25 Years)
  • Nick (20 years)

Second and dear to the hearts of many a McClure engineer is our madcap Christmas Eve celebration at the office. This outrageous party always includes a tasty luncheon, unpredictable gifts fought over during the White Elephant Gift Exchange, and Matt’s glorious glitter beard. Usually, the present that is most fought over during the White Elephant Gift Exchange is the sacred “McClure Cup” but this year an inflatable Flamingo captured all our hearts. At McClure Engineering, we are nothing if not creative, crafty, and a little bit cuckoo.

Until next year…