Adopt-A-Family 2022

McClure Engineering raises $3,710 for the Adopt-A-Family program.

Total raised for families: $3,710

Adopt-A-Family was created to address the needs of low-income families during the holidays and times of need. For the past several years, McClure Engineering has held a fundraising drive to collect money and gifts that we can give these families to make their holidays a bit brighter.

This year McClure Engineering was assigned 2 families, both headed by single mothers.

To aid these women and their kids, our employees raised $3,710. The money went toward Target/Walmart/Gas gift cards for each family, the first month’s rent deposit and utilities to get one of the families into a new place to stay, and for the other family who already has a home we provided 6 mattresses (+5 bed frames) for her 6 kids.

In addition to raising money, our employees also donated bedding sets and pillows for all the mattresses, coats/hats/scarves for every person, plus toys, books, diapers for an unborn baby, and other gifts for each family member.

To learn more about the Adopt-A-Family Program visit The Salvation Army – Adopt-A-Family