Ameren Trade Ally Awards 2022

McClure Engineering wins the 2022 Award for “Stars Behind the Scenes”


McClure Engineering utilizes multiple Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs which offers cash incentives to any project that utilizes cost-effective energy savings. These programs encourage our clients to install energy efficient systems and McClure Engineering is right beside our client to help guide the way by coordinating the entire process. The Ameren Missouri BizSavers program is one we utilize on a regular basis.

Representatives from Ameren Missouri, contractors and partners gathered online on May 19th, 2022 to celebrate a year of energy savings through Ameren Missouri’s BizSavers program. This program provides incentives for virtually any cost-effective energy-efficient upgrade, including lighting, building controls, HVAC and many more. Many Trade Allies also design and install energy efficiency upgrades for their customers.

McClure Engineering has been awarded the “Trade Ally of the Year” and “Best Engineering Services” in the past and this year we were awarded the “Stars Behind the Scenes” award. This award is given to organizations who added great value to the BizSavers program by providing products and services to distributors, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, sales representatives, and customers. McClure Engineering was honored to be recognized in this group.