2023 Healthiest Employers

McClure Engineering is proud to announce we ranked 3rd on the Healthiest Employers list for 2023 in the 2-199 employees category.

We are pleased to announce that we came in third place for the 2023 Healthiest Employers Awards in the 2-99 Employees category!

The Healthiest Employers Awards serve as a platform to recognize organizations that prioritize the well-being of their employees and actively promote a culture of health. Our commitment to our employees’ well-being aligns perfectly with the essence of these awards. We aspire to not only enhance the physical health of our team but also foster a holistic sense of well-being.

At McClure Engineering, our dedication to health and wellness is deeply ingrained. We have implemented various initiatives that underscore our commitment. For instance, we are proud to provide our employees with access to an onsite gym, a platform that promotes regular physical activity. Additionally, we annually engage our team in friendly challenges like step counts and water consumption goals, along with a weight loss challenge, promoting healthy lifestyles.

While physical health remains paramount, we also prioritize the mental well-being of our staff. Our efforts extend beyond the traditional boundaries. We believe that a fulfilling work environment includes moments of leisure and bonding. Hence, we organize engaging activities like our rejuvenating float trip and lively summer gatherings. Furthermore, we offer flexible work hours to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Understanding that mental health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, we are proud to provide our employees with confidential access to an Employee Assistance Program. This resource offers professional support and guidance for navigating personal challenges. Moreover, we understand the significance of family and personal responsibilities, which is why we offer generous parental leave to support our employees during important life moments.

In embracing a comprehensive approach to health, we firmly believe that our employees should enjoy both physical vitality and peace of mind. Our journey towards a healthier workplace is an ongoing one, and we are grateful for the recognition the Healthiest Employers Awards has bestowed upon us. This acknowledgment only bolsters our commitment to cultivating an environment where each team member thrives.