“The Kid” Transfer

We celebrate another “The Kid” transfer: A time-honored tradition at McClure Engineering honoring our current youngest employee.

At McClure Engineering, the “Kid” transfer has become a time-honored tradition. For those unfamiliar with this title, it’s a special designation held by our youngest employee. In 2022, this title changed not once but twice!

In March 2022, Jonathan Cheatham, who had proudly held the title since joining us in 2019, passed it on to John Wade. John cherished the placard on his cubicle for just a few months when, in August 2022, he decided to pass the torch to Genevieve Bourgeois. How long did Genevieve keep hold of it? Well, certainly longer than John did.

A year after Genevieve Bourgeois received the coveted “Kid” placard, officially marking her as the youngest member of our team (by only 1 day!), a new contender emerged. Craig Collier, a younger whippersnapper, has snatched it away from her grasp!

Now, the big question remains: how long will Craig Collier keep the “Kid” title? Only time will tell. It’s fascinating to watch these up-and-coming talents as they continue to make their mark in our company!