Steve Freund Retires

Good luck and happy retirement to Electrical Designer Steve Freund after 36 years of service at McClure Engineering.

Congratulations to electrical designer Steve Freund for achieving a feat millennials like this marketing coordinator can only dream of…retirement!

Steve was born in 1953, the same year McClure Engineering was founded. A true legend, he arrived on our doorstep in 1987 as our 28th employee. His first day as an electrical designer was a special one. The phrase “standing room only” comes to mind as we had the foresight to provide him with a desk…but no chair. Luckily, we remedied the issue within a week (we are nothing if not efficient), and that is when the real work began as Steve set to work writing our first electrical standards. He was put on the fast track to success by his mentors Bill Coad and Phil Sutherlin who guided him on meeting with clients, cost estimates, site surveys, production of plans and specifications, and construction management. And suffice it to say, Steve has spent the past 35+ years passing that knowledge on to all the young whippersnappers that have passed his way.

If Steve could tell you one lesson he has learned over the past 3 decades, it is that when you work hard, you should play hard. Thanks to Steve, McClure Engineering boasts so many fun activities that help engage our employees and make our office feel like a home away from home. Popcorn Thursdays (now Wednesdays), the Skeet Shoot, our annual Float Trip, backyard BBQs, Chili Cook Off, and Cinco De Mayo are just some of the events spearheaded by this industrious designer. To Steve, the company culture of “family comes first” is invaluable and he has put his passion for fun into action time and time again, leaving an indelible imprint on the famed McClure Engineering culture.

We will miss you Steve, but we can rest easy knowing you are sleeping in late, spending more time with your granddaughters, traveling the USA, camping, fishing, shooting, gardening, woodworking, and dabbling in golf. You have spent the past several decades working hard. Now it is time to play hard!