Leslie Cowger Earns her CFPS Credential

We would like to extend a hearty congratulations to our talented Mechanical Engineer, Leslie Cowger, P.E., on achieving her Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) credential through the NFPA.

At McClure Engineering, we place great importance on our engineers showcasing their expertise in their respective fields. NFPA certifications provide our clients with solid proof of our team members’ knowledge and skills, as they undergo rigorous eligibility requirements and pass thorough examinations administered by NFPA. In addition to her CFPS, Leslie earned her Certification In Plumbing Design (CPD) in 2015 through the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE).

Leslie joined McClure Engineering in 2018, and her passion for our company continues to flourish. She appreciates the genuine willingness of everyone in our office to lend a helping hand. “Whether it is a question on a job, a charity event, or even helping to carry things up to the penthouse, everyone in this office seems to always take the time for others.”

And Leslie reciprocates that kindness without hesitation. When she’s not diligently working on mechanical, fire protection, and plumbing systems for her clients, you can find her actively contributing to our Wellness Committee. She enjoys brainstorming fresh and exciting ideas to promote the health and happiness of our employees and our commitment to wellness is another aspect that Leslie enjoys about McClure Engineering. “The work/life balance is a huge asset for my family and me.  Without the company knowing the importance of family, my life would be extremely more stressful.  I am thankful I have the time to be both a mom and a professional engineer.”

Which work benefit or perk is your favorite and why?

If it isn’t obvious already, working from home.  Being able to work from home whenever it is needed has been beyond beneficial for my family and me.  I can take care of my family and work on my projects all at the same time. – Leslie Cowger

Leslie’s enthusiastic commitment to staying active makes her a perfect fit for our Wellness Committee. She thrives on regular visits to the gym and squeezes in runs whenever she can find a spare moment. And when she’s not busy chasing after her four kids, Leslie enjoys nurturing her garden or unwinding with a captivating book. In fact, her Kindle boasts an impressive streak of 126 consecutive weeks! In the event she ever finds herself without a book to indulge in, Leslie can always visit our 6th-floor library, thoughtfully stocked with a wide range of literary treasures, from John le Carré to the magical world of Harry Potter!

Leslie Cowger is a shining example of the talented professionals who make McClure Engineering such a fantastic place to work. Her dedication, expertise, and vibrant spirit contribute immeasurably to our team’s success. Congratulations, Leslie, on your well-deserved CFPS credential, and thank you for being an invaluable part of our McClure Engineering family!