Principia Simon Fieldhouse earns over $200,000 in BizSavers Incentives

Principia School put an emphasis on energy efficiency while constructing the new state-of-the-art Simon Fieldhouse.

McClure Engineering utilizes multiple Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs which offer cash incentives to projects that utilize cost-effective energy savings. These programs encourage our clients to install energy-efficient systems and McClure Engineering is right beside our client to help guide the way by coordinating the entire process. To learn more about our Energy Incentives, visit our Sustainability page.

Recently, we helped the Principia School achieve $226,764.27 in cash incentives from Ameren Missouri’s Biz Savers Program for the design and construction of their new state-of-the-art Simon Fieldhouse. The new recreation center also received an ASHRAE Technology Award recently, due in part to the measures taken to increase energy efficiency. Based upon the energy reduction opportunities developed in this facility, the carbon footprint of this building was reduced by 59%, removing 937 tons of carbon emissions per year as compared to a typical facility that is built today.

To learn more about this project, visit our Principia Simon Fieldhouse Project Page.