Pharmaceutical Plant Renovation

Confidential Client – St. Louis, Missouri

Project Background

McClure Engineering performed the design to upgrade a confidential pharmaceutical plant.

Project Deliverables

Bulk Nitrogen: This included the design to replace the interior nitrogen tank farm with an exterior bulk nitrogen tank to meet growing process demand and reduce nitrogen cost.

Chiller Replacement: This included renovations to the chilled water system and the replacement of existing chillers to serve the Facility Office Air Conditioning needs for approximately $455,600 in total construction costs.

Rooftop Unit: This included and study and proposing options and cost opinions for the replacement of water-cooled and air-cooled chillers with air-cooled chillers (one or two units).

PAD Lab: This included a 5,990 sq. ft. renovation of the existing facility to add a 1,121 sq. ft. HPC Lab, a 3,313 sq. ft. Analytical Lab, and a 1,555 sq. ft. Office/Corridor. The project consisted of low humidity requirements and Bag-in/Bag out HEPA filtration.

Warehouse Renovation: This included the renovation of the warehouse and shipping department into an office, breakroom, and fitness room.

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Industrial Food & Pharma

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