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Josh Rasch

Mechanical + Acoustical

Josh Rasch working on his laptop

Josh Rasch, a mechanical and acoustical engineer, is one of the many McClure Engineering employees who came to work for us after attending a career fair. In his case, it was the SIUe career fair that brought Josh to work first as an intern and then as a full time employee over 7 years ago.

Josh’s favorite aspect of McClure Engineering? The flexibility. He has found that the firm’s flexibility goes in many directions including the ability to try your hand at many different disciplines. After all, he is an acoustical and systems engineer with a mechanical engineering degree who takes the company headshots! Josh is a believer in the idea that “people will be at their best when they do what they love” and this concept is laced into McClure’s core.

Josh believes photography is where technology and art collide and so when he isn’t taking the headshots (or any number of other photos for the company), Josh can be found around St. Louis honing his craft.

At McClure Engineering we value sharing our expertise with our industry and we count Josh as one of our many authors. Check out his recent articles below.

I value the ability to work from home when I need to and I appreciate the value McClure Engineering places on a healthy work/life balance.

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Josh Rasch

On why he chose McClure Engineering

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