Fitness Center

Confidential Client – St. Louis, Missouri

Project Background

To expand health opportunities for its employees, this corporate client decided to add a 15,000 sq. ft. fitness center to its growing St. Louis campus. In addition to the typical fitness center amenities, a massage parlor and spacious locker rooms were also included.

Project Deliverables

Energy efficiency throughout their campus was an important consideration for this corporate client. To maintain that consistency with its fitness center (which demands strong lighting for safety measures), the architect cut new clearstory windows in the high ceiling area to allow daylight into a space that did not originally have any windows. Our lighting team then used daylight sensors to dim the gym lights for further energy savings. The lighting controls are tied into a Lutron Quantum Processor, which monitors and controls the lighting systems throughout the whole campus.

Air Handling Units (AHUs) intended to serve a future lecture space were repurposed to serve the new fitness center space. The existing AHUs were investigated to determine adequate capacity, arrangement, control scheme, and remaining service life. McClure Engineering coordinated the retrocommissioning of the AHUs to ensure a smooth start-up and trouble-free operation This saved the owner an estimated $750,000 in mechanical, structural, and architectural work. Dual duct boxes were utilized to decouple the high outdoor air load from the space sensible loads, saving the owner an estimated $50,000 in energy costs over the life of the AHUs. A new MMBtu domestic hot water production plant was designed to seamlessly fit in with the existing utility structure and architectural scheme.

The efforts to ensure energy efficiency throughout the Fitness Center resulted in a LEED Certification in 2019.

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LEED Certified 2019

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