Ameren Fleet Electric Vehicles Charging

Ameren Illinois & Ameren Missouri

Project Background

While global warming has long been a topic of discussion, as global temperatures continue to steadily rise each year, individuals, as well as corporations, have started to seriously consider how they can help counter the significant effects.

Vehicle pollutants have long been known to be a core cause of global warming. Burning gasoline and diesel fuel create harmful byproducts like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, benzene, and formaldehyde. In addition, vehicles emit carbon dioxide, the most common human-caused greenhouse gas. In addition, they also harm our health in a myriad of ways.

And considering nearly 20% of the world’s population own a vehicle of some kind,  it goes to reason that changing to electric could go a long way in helping quell the escalating effects of global warming. As a society, electric vehicles can help us reduce carbon emissions and build a more sustainable future. Additionally, electric vehicles offer a superior driving experience, less maintenance than conventional vehicles, and lower fueling costs.

Considering these factors, the Ameren Fleet vehicles are planning to go electric. A huge proponent of sustainability, Ameren remains committed to helping Missouri and Illinois put cleaner cars on the road. As of 2022, Ameren’s goal is that 100% of new light-duty vehicle purchases by 2030 will be electric and 35% of their overall vehicle fleet (which includes light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, forklifts, and ATVs/UTVs) will be electrified by 2030.

To assist Ameren in reaching its goals, McClure Engineering provided Electrical design services to develop the electrical infrastructure at eleven (11) Ameren facilities across Missouri & Illinois in preparation for the addition of two hundred and eighty-three (283) fleet electric vehicle charging stations. (Our work for this project was focused on charging light and medium-duty trucks and forklifts.)

Project Deliverables

McClure Engineering first performed field investigations of the existing electrical service and systems at each facility and reviewed existing drawings of each facility. After our team familiarized themselves with the facilities, they provided design calculations for the new anticipated load of the EV charging stations. The initial maximum charger loads as much as 480V 150A.

Next, our team provided a design for new a new utility service to the facility for the changing equipment which included a design for a power distribution panel to feed the charging stations. The gear was designed to be outdoor rated gear and the design for conduits to charging stations was included once the locations were determined. Additionally, our team provided a design for a backup generator for select charging stations.

Once the design was completed, our team provided a construction cost estimate based on the Bid Set and provided Arc Flash calculations for the new electrical service and distribution panels. (This included providing PDFs of the updated arc flash labels for the contractor to install.) The provided documents included the conceptual site layout for charging stations and locations for potential additional distribution.

Finally, McClure Engineering provided engineering support for the project from design through the completion of Construction Administration. Our work in the final phase of the project involved reviewing shop drawings, responding timely to construction RFI’s, providing a punch list walk-through at the completion of construction, and attending regular construction meetings. McClure Engineering’s involvement during this phase of the project helped ensure a successful project by allowing us to be on hand to answer questions and help resolve any issues that might have arisen during construction.

McClure Engineering provided this scope for the following locations:

  • Ameren Belleville, IL Training Center Fleet: Nine (9) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Boonville, MO Fleet: Eight (8) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Columbia, MO Fleet: Thirty-Six (36) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Dexter, MO Fleet: Fourteen (14) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren East St. Louis, IL Fleet: Sixty (60) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Edina, MO Fleet: Four (4) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Hayti, MO Fleet: Eight (8) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Peoria Pioneer Park, IL Fleet: Eighty-One (81) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Louis, MO GOB Underground Fleet: Twenty-Two (22) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Warrenton, MO Fleet: Eight (8) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Ameren Washington, Fleet: Thirty-Three (33) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
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