Pershing Hall Renovation

Truman State University – Kirksville, Missouri

Project Background

This project involved the renovation of Pershing Hall on the campus of Truman State University. These renovations consisted of a complete upgrade of the MEP systems within this facility. A new 30,000 sq. f. addition, housing Athletics Training and Exercise Physiology, Communication Disorders, and Nursing was also constructed.

Project Deliverables

A new utility plant was built which provides both chilled and hot water for Pershing Hall. The chilled water plant was constructed with the idea of connecting it to a campus loop in the future. The plant consists of two 300-ton chillers and two 300-ton cooling towers, with accommodations made to add a third chiller and tower in the future to serve the proposed building expansion. A heat recovery chiller sized to provide winter chilled water loads, which will operate through all four seasons, was provided as well. The condenser heat from this chiller is rejected to the building heating water system, supplementing the heating water supply to provide pool heating and summer reheat.

The plant has condensing hot water boilers to create heating water for the building. This heating water is distributed around the building at a temperature of 130 F. The pumps were installed with firm capacity where the system will still be able to meet 100% of the load in the event one of the pumps goes down.

All of the mechanical equipment was put on a DDC building control system. The system is accessible via the internet from any computer. McClure provided commissioning of the control systems after installation.

The building is served by several air handling units located both in mechanical rooms and on the roof. These units utilize the chilled water and heating water from the plant to condition the air. All of the air handling units are supplied with separate filter housings constructed in the field. This eliminates the need to stock several different filter sizes for all the different units.

The new addition to Pershing Hall is served by a variable volume unit located in the second-floor mechanical room. This unit provides approximately 25,000 cfm of conditioned air (55degF) to several terminal reheat boxes throughout the building.

Due to the unique usage schedule of the training facility compared to the rest of the new addition to Pershing, a separate unit was provided to serve the training areas. This unit is capable of approximately 3,200 cfm and provides conditioned air to terminal reheat boxes in the training facility located in the basement of the new addition.

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Hastings + Chivetta

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College & University

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