Office Relocation

St. Louis Art Museum – St. Louis, Missouri

Project Background

The St. Louis Art Museum decided to reprogram some of its administrative areas to consolidate and make more efficient use of the limited workspace. This was achieved by modifying offices and cubicle areas, as well as finishing a few smaller and previously-unused spaces. As the owner was still determining what would be done with the south office building, MEP work was limited to what was necessary to serve the modified spaces.

Project Deliverables

The owner wished to spend as little money as possible to accommodate the office layout changes. Therefore, much of the existing equipment was reused, keeping any purchase of new equipment minimal.

Mechanical and electrical drawings were created to address the minor architectural changes made throughout the administrative areas. These drawings included modifications to existing, pneumatically-controlled VAV boxes and air devices, modification and limited replacement of lighting fixtures, and electrical/IT modifications as needed to address the changes to the offices and cubical farms.

Architect Of Record

Christner Architects

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Market Sector

Cultural Institutions

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