North Tech Cosmetology Classrooms/Laboratories

Special School District – St. Louis, Missouri

Project Background

As part of the Special School District (SSD), North Tech High School aims to provide students with both career and technical education to prepare them for continuing education and the workforce. To ensure their students continue to benefit from state-of-the-art learning environments, SSD began the renovation of two existing general purpose classrooms to accommodate a new Cosmetology Lab. New office spaces, hands-on teaching spaces, general purpose storage, and a local single occupant use restroom were renovated in addition to the classrooms.

Project Deliverables

Renovations called for HVAC and electrical upgrades for two labs/classrooms at North Tech Highschool, which were being adapted to cosmetology labs. For this project, McClure Engineering provided MEP design drawings and specifications for an open bid environment, as well as construction administration and observations throughout the duration of the construction schedule. Additional HVAC and power were incorporated into the design based on space use and code requirements. To comply with the codes, McClure Engineering incorporated specific exhaust ventilation and a dedicated fresh air wall mounted unit, in addition to the existing HVAC systems serving the area.

Despite the relatively small scale of the project, some challenges arose due to the age of the facility. The low ceilings of the classrooms posed a particular challenge, especially regarding lighting, as new lighting and ductwork were required in the lab areas. To combat this issue, McClure Engineering provided new low profile linear dimmable LED continuous lighting directly attached to the underside of existing steel joists. The new ductwork was then routed in the cavity spaces between existing ceiling steel joists.

Additionally, the cosmetology styling stations located in the center of the new lab space required new power. Thus, McClure Engineering installed new architectural wiremold power poles with dedicated and general power.

Architect Of Record

Dickinson Hussman Architects (DHA)

Construction Cost




Market Sector

K-12 Education

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