Martin Hall Revitalization

Lincoln University – Jefferson, Missouri

Project Background

Founded in 1866 in Jefferson City, Missouri, Lincoln University serves approximately 3,000 undergraduate students. As steadily increasing enrollment has resulted in a shortage of on-campus student housing in recent years, the university considered the reuse of some of their more underused or abandoned properties.

Project Deliverables

Built in 1962, the 27,000 sq. ft. Martin Hall was originally constructed as an all-girls dormitory. Over time, the building suffered from a lack of care and maintenance. It was eventually abandoned around 2010, leaving plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, and the roof in a failing state. McClure Engineering partnered with Pattern Ives Architects to bring the building back to life and ready for the 2016 fall enrollment.

The renovation was designed to fit within an extremely tight eleven-month schedule for design and construction, with scheduled work to include upgrades to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, newly added fire protection and security, a new elevator, re-configured restroom/shower areas, new lighting, power circuits, and data systems.

A four-story brick mass, the existing building is architecturally pragmatic. A single corridor serves a total of 67 residences designed to hold approximately 130 students and a variety of support spaces for maximum efficiency.

To update these spaces within a short timeframe and under a tight budget, there were several considerations in effect. McClure Engineering was able to work within these limits while still delivering a high-quality project. One of the most notable considerations was the HVAC systems, whose integrity had been significantly degraded due to age and neglect. Despite their condition, McClure Engineering was able to find a way to reuse and refurbish most of the equipment, reducing any added cost to the project.

Additionally, the revitalization of the building included adding a fire and wet sprinkler system, which would replace an existing condensing unit. The revitalization also included refurbishing an existing air handling unit (AHU) and all new plumbing distribution and fixtures. Additional obstacles occurred during the installation of the new fire and wet sprinkler system within the corridors of the building, which were built with low ceilings and a skip column design. McClure Engineering mitigated this obstacle by installing two fire mains within the corridors and cored CMU blocks for side wall flush mounted sprinkler heads composite of columns.

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Pattern Ives

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