Delmar Gardens III New Office Building

Delmar Gardens – Chesterfield, Missouri

Project Background

Delmar Gardens Enterprises, a company that provides healthcare services to seniors, was looking to expand its presence in West St. Louis County. Adding two Class A office buildings built in 2005, this new 5-story, 125,000 sq. ft. building would be the first Class A office building to be erected in West St. Louis County in a decade. The multi-tenant office building is located adjacent to the existing Delmar Gardens Office Buildings number I and II, on North Outer Road in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Project Deliverables

The new building, named Delmar Gardens III, was designed to be twice the size of the existing buildings while still tying in with the design of its predecessors. Ensuring the new building would match the two others provided an interesting challenge as many products used for the existing structures were no longer being manufactured. McClure Engineering worked closely with the owner and architect to match those materials as closely as possible.

The building is served by two rooftop DX air conditioning units connected by a supply duct loop on each floor. A café was incorporated into the building design for the 1st floor and includes a kitchen grease hood and waste systems. The basement level includes 30 parking spaces and loading dock access to the tenant’s spaces. The project also includes a 3-level, 450-car parking garage adjacent to the building.

Architect Of Record

Gray Design Group

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Market Sector

Commercial Campus

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