Campus Master Planning

Missouri University of Science & Technology – Rolla, Missouri

Project Background

Currently situated on a campus over 300 acres in size and with over 7,000 enrolled students, the nationally recognized Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T) continues to grow its student base steadily and at a rate of increase of nearly 5% annually. To ensure the campus is user-friendly, secure, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and sustainable as it continues to grow, MS&T sought to update its 2014 Master Plan which had last been updated in 2017. Intended to be a living document that will be updated as needs arise, the Master Plan would study the resources, services, and space needs of the campus buildings and facilities already owned and operated by the university as well as provide a clear vision for the next two decades of growth and reconcile economic realities with campus priorities and feasibility.

Project Deliverables

McClure first performed field investigations and spoke with key staff to gather important information about the campus and its utility systems. We then met with the architect to review and validate general MEP data for the existing campus buildings, the campus technology infrastructure, and the classrooms and learning environment.

The university’s overall approach to sustainability was also reviewed and our team reviewed in detail the current state of the energy efficiency of the existing campus. Short-term and long-term needs were also analyzed such as future utility resources like an additional geothermal plant with an associated well field and relocated substation located in logical areas to support the growth of the campus and the City of Rolla. Finally, a campus resiliency review was conducted to analyze the campus’ ability to respond adequately to an emergency or natural disaster.

Once the review of the existing campus was finalized, programming for future developments started. Future space requirements that would maintain program success and assure the allowance of growth for the next decade were determined. Current and projected environments for Universities with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) emphasis with strengths in business and the humanities and how that will impact the current and future needs of this campus were evaluated. The impact of technology and the best use of resources to accommodate its integration were also discussed. Additionally, enhancement of greenspaces was analyzed as well as reviewing additional acreage to assist in potential campus expansion in the near future. McClure Engineering provided Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC services.

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